Lab introduction
This lab is conducted by prof. Ye Deng. Our research focuses on
(i) development of high-throughput molecular technologies for environmental microbiome studies;
(ii) bioinformatics and biostatistics on data mining of metagenomics;
(iii) microbial ecology and biogeography under global climate changes.
At present, Denglab is running several research projects, including
(i) Functional microbiome detection and in-situ stimulation in polluted environments (CAS);
(ii) Microbial species networks in active sludge of wastewater treatment plants (CAS);
(iii) Microbial ecology during the soil restoration of grassland in north China (MOST);
(iv) Detection of antibiotic resistance genes in pharmaceutical industry (NSFC).


    2019 in RCEES 2019 in Tsingtao 2018 in Guangzhou 2018 in Shantou 2018 in RCEES 2018 in RCEES 2017 in Beijing 2017 in Duolun 2016 in Chongqing 2016 in Changsha 2016 in Tsinghua University 2016 in RCEES 2014 in RCEES