Shuzhen Li / 厉舒祯
Ph.D. Student /

Shuzhen Li is a Ph.D. student of Deng Lab. Li is also the owner of Wechat offcial account Listenlii (click icon below to subscribe).


1. Shuzhen Li, Ye Deng, Zhujun Wang, et al. Exploring the accuracy of amplicon-based internal transcribed spacer (ITS) markers for fungal community. Molecular Ecology Resources, 20: 170-184 ,
2. Shuzhen Li, Zhujun Wang, Yuanyuan Wang et al. Effects of graphene oxide on PCR amplification for microbial community survey. BMC Microbiology, 2020, 20, 278,
3. Shuzhen Li, Ye Deng, Xiongfeng Du et al. Sampling cores and sequencing depths affected the measurement of microbial diversity in soil quadrats. Science of the Total Environment, 2021, 767, 144966. Read 
4. Shuzhen Li, Xiongfeng Du, Kai Feng et al. Assessment of microbial α-diversity in one meter squared topsoil. Soil Ecology Letters, 2021,

You can find all of Shuzhen Li's publications on research gate.

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